Scottish landscape with iconic beach

5 most common myths about visiting Scotland

The internet is full of articles on tourism, but many seem to propagate the same myths and misinformation about areas that people have thought were true for over a century. You can find valuable information about Orange County tourism that will dispel a lot of the notions about Californians, but any truths outside of the U.S. seem to be a lot harder to come by.

Scotland, for instance, has several myths that stick in the minds of many. This article is here to bust those myths and uncover the truth about this beautiful location.


1. It rains all the time

Obviously, there isn’t a single place on Earth that rains all the time. It does rain more in this northern region than it does closer to the southern parts of the British Isle, but the precipitation is part of what makes this destination so beautiful.

Heavy rains give way to lush, green landscapes full of lochs and crashing waterfalls that make Scotland unique. It doesn’t rain half as much as you might expect but a sudden shower makes for the perfect excuse to stop in the local stores and cafes, or sit on your porch. Fun fact, Scots like to have patio heaters on their porches to help combat the cold mountain air.

Sight of Cullin Mountains in Scotland


2. A culture that loves haggis can’t make good food

Do you consider locally sourced, freshly prepared meals gross? While a plate of haggis might not be everyone’s idea of a delightful meal, you’ll find nothing short of delicious food in abundance here. Baked good made right inside a historic flour mill, poached pears with halloumi cheese, and a slew of classic favorites found in both the UK and US are all on the menu.

Not are you sure to find something you like, old or new, the prices beat out any small town in the states. That’s right, healthy eating is actually affordable in Scotland.

3. Scotland is filled with Midges

Just in case you have never heard the term “midge” before, it refers to various species of flies. The Highland Midge has a reputation for showing up in swarms and biting unsuspecting travelers, but the they are far from all over Scotland.

Only the northwest portion of Scotland experiences a large number of these pesky insects, which only pose a problem during the spring. For the tourist, that means you might want to mark Queens View off of your list if you’re headed to the Scottish Isles any time before the end of May. Worst case scenario, bring a little bug repellant and they’ll leave you alone.

A true Scottish landscape with bagpipes and glen


4. There aren’t any sunbathing-worthy beaches in Scotland

Head over to Loch Morlich and you’ll discover that this is one of the silliest myths out there. While you might be surrounded by pine forests and snowcapped mountains on the horizon, that doesn’t mean you can’t catch a little sun at any of the amazing lakes nearby with their own beaches.

Locals take full advantage of warmer days to go kayaking, paddle boating, swimming and simply to lounge out in the sunshine. These beaches are also miles long and have yet to be commercialized like many in the US, which means a level of privacy you just can’t get anywhere else.


5. There’s absolutely nothing for kids to do

I guess all of the kids that grow up in Scotland just have to learn to survive wilderness hikes and balance checkbooks…yeah, right. While many seem to think you need to be Bear Grylls to visit this mountainous location, the truth is that families have a blast here year in and year out. Sure, it’s woodsy but that doesn’t mean the countryside is too harsh for little ones.

Scottish landscape with iconic beach

There are plenty of simple hikes to gorgeous waterfalls and lakes that even small children will enjoy, alongside seeing the famous Cairngorm Reindeer. Not to mention the Red Deer at Highland Safaris that adults and children alike can’t seem to get enough of. Plus, what child doesn’t love playing in a lake?

So… do you still believe in these 5 myths concerning Scotland? 😉


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