The 4 places to visit in Ayrshire and also easily reachable from Glasgow if you want to explore the West Coast of Scotland

After having visited cities like Dunfermline and St Andrews along the east coast of Scotland it was time to move on to the opposite shore. For this reason I chose Ayrshire, a historic county overlooking the Firth of Clyde. It’s a region packed with history, culture, stunning landscapes and beautiful islands to explore. Besides that, due to its very short distance from Glasgow, Ayrshire is a popular destination for day trips, either by car or public transport.   The 4 places to visit in Ayrshire: the Isle of Cumbrae Considered Scotland’s most accessible island, Great Cumbrae is a great...

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Visit Ayr in Scotland, the things to do and see in the historic county town of Ayrshire

During my last trip to Ayrshire I stayed in Ayr, an old Royal Burgh and today a large town located on the west coast of the region. Apart from being an ideal base for exploring the area, Ayr is packed with historical and cultural landmarks as well as beautiful landscapes to enjoy. In this article I take you with me to discover this lovely town with a walking itinerary across Ayr City Centre. Then, I’ve also attached for you some useful information about accomodation and how to get there.   What to see in Ayr in 24 hours Situated...

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Glasgow Airport, how to reach the city centre (Buchanan Bus Station) by Express First bus service 500

I’ve been so many times in Glasgow lately, both to visit the Scotland’s largest city and to explore its surroundings, like for example the World Heritage Village of New Lanark. In this article I explain how to reach the city centre from Glasgow International Airport. First of all, please don’t confuse it with Prestwick Airport, the other local – but smaller – airport situated in South Ayrshire and 32 miles (51 km) from Glasgow. It’s linked to the city by train on the route Glasgow-Ayr.   The Glasgow Airport Express service 500 to and from the city centre It’s the Glasgow...

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6 days out in Edinburgh, my personal tips about what to do and see near the city centre

Not only the Edinburgh Castle or a stroll along the Royal Mile up to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the surroundings of Edinburgh city centre have much more to offer. Indeed, you’ll be astonished to find out how many beautiful places it’s possible to see just remaining in town. Castles, parks, boat trips, wildlife, nature, architectural landmarks… the Scottish capital has it all.   6 days out around Edinburgh city centre When I’m in town and I want a break from the chaos of the main streets I just have to walk few minutes and suddenly it seems to be...

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St Andrews, a day trip from Edinburgh to visit the “home of golf” and the oldest university in Scotland

During my last trip to Fife, after having visited Dunfermline and Falkland I decided to spend a day in St Andrews, one of the most popular tourist destinations throughout Scotland. It’s located on the east coast of Fife, 30 miles northeast of Edinburgh. Worldwide famous as the home of golf, it’s also home to the University of St Andrews, one of the most famous in all United Kingdom.   My itinerary to explore St Andrews’ places of interest in one day St Andrews is a very compact town and easy to visit. As a matter of fact, the centre...

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Falkland (Scotland), day trip to visit the Royal Palace and the locations of the tv series “Outlander”

During the week spent in Fife I had the chance to explore Falkland, a Royal Burgh renowned as one of the most pictoresque towns in Fife and Scotland as well. One day was enough to enjoy this little charming village, its medieval atmosphere and the famous Falkland Palace, built in 16th century to accomodate the Scottish Royal Court. Then, if you are a fan of Outlander tv series, there’re few places that you may be familiar with…   Things to see in Falkland in one day It’s definitely impossible to get lost in Falkland as there’s one main street...

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Dunfermline, what to see in one day in the Scotland’s ancient capital

During my last trip to Scotland I spent one week across Fife in order to discover some of the most important sites of interest of this region. The tour started off in Dunfermline, a charming town famous for being the old capital of Scotland.   What to see in Dunfermline in one day The town is located in west Fife, around 5 km from the northern shore of the Firth of Forth. Due to its short distance from Edinburgh, Dunfermline is the ideal destination for a day trip. Besides that, the main attractions are all within a walking distance...

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Inverness, what to do and see in two days in the capital of the Scottish Highlands

A trip to Scotland must include the Highlands, certainly the most famous region of the country and characterised by breathtaking sceneries and wonderful sites of interest. Often, people start their tour from Inverness, one of the oldest cities in Scotland and the administrative centre for the Highland council area. The town is also very popular because it’s near to Loch Ness, definitely one of top tourist attractions in Scotland. Boat trips (tickets available online) run throughout the year so that you can explore the lake looking for the monster Nessie.   A weekend escape in Inverness Having said that, Inverness...

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Oban, the 8 things to do and see in the seafood capital of Scotland

One of the places not to be missed during a trip to Scotland is definitely Oban, within the Argyll and Bute council area. I went there in June 2016 and I stayed four days, quite enough to visit the town and its surroundings. So I had the chance to learn more about the local historical and natural heritage visiting castles, abbeys, landmarks and travelling to the Inner Hebrides. Having said that, there’re (at least) 8 things to do and see in Oban that I want to share with you.   1) Have a stroll along Oban bay It’s the...

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5 Outlander filming locations to be seen around Edinburgh and easily reachable by public transport

The tv series Outlander, based on Diana Gabaldon’s novels, is nowaydays famous worldwide. It attracts thousands and thousands of tourists – and fans – that come to Scotland to relive the adventures of Jamie and Claire visiting the locations featured on the screen. The aim of this article is to help you to spot some of them, especially the ones located just around Edinburgh and easily reachable by public transport.   The 5 Outlander set locations to visit near Edinburgh This itineary will also allow you to learn more about Scottish history and appreciate its rich heritage. Besides that, it...

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