Oban, the 8 things to do and see in the seafood capital of Scotland

One of the places not to be missed during a trip to Scotland is definitely Oban, within the Argyll and Bute council area. I went there in June 2016 and I stayed four days, quite enough to visit the town and its surroundings. So I had the chance to learn more about the local historical and natural heritage visiting castles, abbeys, landmarks and travelling to the Inner Hebrides. Having said that, there’re (at least) 8 things to do and see in Oban that I want to share with you.   1) Have a stroll along Oban bay It’s the...

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5 Outlander filming locations to be seen around Edinburgh and easily reachable by public transport

The tv series Outlander, based on Diana Gabaldon’s novels, is nowaydays famous worldwide. It attracts thousands and thousands of tourists – and fans – that come to Scotland to relive the adventures of Jamie and Claire visiting the locations featured on the screen. The aim of this article is to help you to spot some of them, especially the ones located just around Edinburgh and easily reachable by public transport.   The 5 Outlander set locations to visit near Edinburgh This itineary will also allow you to learn more about Scottish history and appreciate its rich heritage. Besides that, it...

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Trip to Scotland, the best tourist passes to buy in advance to save money and discover the Scottish heritage

Scotland is a worldwide famous destination thanks to its nature, landscapes and heritage. As a matter of fact, there’re so many places of historical interest distributed across the nation that you may include in your list of the top things to see during the trip. For this reason, some tourist passes have been introduced and permit to visit castles, museums, historical palaces and sites. Thanks to these ones, you can enjoy your holiday and save money on individual entry prices. In this article I explain you how they work, which attractions are included and then you can buy them...

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Glasgow, a guided walking tour to discover the music scene of the Scotland’s largest city

During the weekend I spent in Glasgow as a invite of Visit Scotland and People Make Glasgow I had the chance to discover more about its world-renowned music scene. As a matter of fact, in 2008  it was named as a UNESCO City of Music – the first one throughout UK – in recognition of its history as well as the significant role the city plays in promoting music nowadays. To give you just some examples, these are some of the singers and bands born or linked to Glasgow: AC/DC, Franz Ferdinand, Mark Knopfler, Amy Macdonald, Paolo Nutini, Simple...

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Glasgow, the 9 top things and attractions to do and see for free in the Scotland’s biggest city

Lately I’ve visited Glasgow quite a lot of times with the chance to explore different areas of the Scotland’s biggest city. Every time I’ve learned about a new aspect that has allowed me to find out more about its past, its present and then its future. For example, Glasgow was the UK’s first ever UNESCO City of Music and today music is still the beating heart of the city. Then, if you’re keen on shopping and design Glasgow is definitely the places for you. And last but not least, it’s commonly said that Glaswegians are the friendliest people throughout...

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5 most common myths about visiting Scotland

The internet is full of articles on tourism, but many seem to propagate the same myths and misinformation about areas that people have thought were true for over a century. You can find valuable information about Orange County tourism that will dispel a lot of the notions about Californians, but any truths outside of the U.S. seem to be a lot harder to come by. Scotland, for instance, has several myths that stick in the minds of many. This article is here to bust those myths and uncover the truth about this beautiful location.   1. It rains all...

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Perthshire, the 5 day excursions to do from Perth and Pitlochry to discover Scotland’s Big Tree Country

Perthshire, also know as the Scotland’s Big Tree Country, offers a lot of things to do and see, from historical sites to natural heritages. While settled in Perth and then in Pitlochry I had the chance to do 5 excursions in their surroundings. Below I explain you more about the attractions I visited adding some practical information. As a matter of fact, even in this case I just travelled with public transport – by bus only – and I didn’t have any kind of problem to plan my itineraries.   5 excursions to do in Perthshire: 1) Birnam and...

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Historic Scotland Explorer Pass, how to visit with one ticket over 70 Scottish castles and attractions from Edinburgh up to the Highlands and the Isles

Scotland is world famous for its medieval castles and historical sites scattered throughout the country. Visit all of them is the best way to discover the interesting Scottish heritage and get the most of your stay there. For this reason, in this article I tell you more about the Historic Scotland Explorer Pass, a tourist ticket that gives free admission to more than 70 of Scotland’s top visitor attractions.   How Historic Scotland Explorer Pass works? Well, it’s quite easy to understand. This is a unique pass valid for visiting 77 sites across Scotland. These places are property of Historic...

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Pitlochry, what to do in the largest town of Scotland’s Highland Perthshire

After having spent a couple of days in Perth I went to Pitlochry, the gateway to the Highlands. Even if most of the visitors use it as a base for exploring Perthshire, the town itself offers plenty of things to do and see. In this article I share with you my experience there together with some useful information for planning your journeys to and from the town.   How to get to Pitlochry No matter if you will be travelling by car, bus or train, Pitlochry is well connected to the major Scottish cities as well as the other...

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Perth (Scotland), what to do and see in two days. The itinerary I followed, the attractions not to be missed and other practical information

Perth was my first stop-over during the trip across Perthshire, a historic county today known as Scotland’s “Big Tree Country“. I spent two days in town and this allowed me to discover its main attractions. Perth offers plenty of things to do and see, most of them are located in its lovely and tranquil city center bordered by two parks – in the north and in the south – and by river Tay in the east. The article is divided into few pages containing: practical information about how to get there, weather and accomodations; the itinerary of the first day...

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