Discovering Glasgow West End: Clydeside Distillery and The Hidden Lane

During my last stay in Glasgow I took part in a tour organized by People Make Glasgow and Visit Scotland. The itinerary started from the banks of the river Clyde and then reached the heart of the West End district. In that way I discovered the Clydeside Distillery, a new attraction that will open in September, and then The Hidden Lane, a community of over 100 studios located next to Argyle Street.   The Clydeside Distillery The tour started off by visiting Queen’s Dock, near the Hydro Arena. The dock was inaugurated by Queen Victoria in 1877 and the Pump House...

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Edinburgh, the places to visit in 3 days including a day trip across Scotland

Edinburgh offers plenty of things to do and see, most of the tourist attractions are scattered in the Old Town and the New Town. Both areas of the city centre were included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list in 1995. Considering the places of interest you may visit, I’d recommend staying in the Scottish Capital at least a couple of days. For this reason, I share with you an itinerary comprehensive of some of the Edinburgh must sees together with a day tour in the surroundings up to the Highlands.   Visit Edinburgh, Day 1 Exploring Edinburgh in just 24 hours is basically...

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Edinburgh Castle, what to see in Scotland’s main attraction and how to purchase the tickets in advance from this article

Edinburgh Castle is Scotland‘s most visited paid tourist attraction, receiving thousands and thousands of visitors every year. The fortress is one of the oldest buildings in town and it’s the symbol of the history of the country and United Kingdom as well. As a matter of fact, Scotland and England have fought over the centuries to protect and conquer it.   Edinburgh Castle: what to visit Standing on a rock, the castle dominates Edinburgh’s skyline and offers an amazing panoramic view of the Old Town – especially from Argyll Battery – and its surroundings. Considering all the things you...

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New Lanark, what to visit in the 18th century industrial village and today Unesco World Heritage Site

During my last stay in Glasgow I had the chance to visit New Lanark. I had heard a lot about this cotton mill village founded in 1785 by David Dale and so I was particularly curious to see it because it’s one of the six Scottish historical sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. A day excursion allowed me to enjoy the main attractions and then take a stroll along the Falls of Clyde, a fantastic natural scenery just around the village.   Short history of New Lanark and the legacy of Robert Owen David Dale founded New Lanark in...

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Glasgow, the top 6 things to do and see in two days in the Scotland largest city

Glasgow is such a vibrant city that surprises the tourists for its design, culture, art and nightlife. If it is impossible to avoid the classic topic “better Glasgow or Edinburgh“, my thought is very easy:”both!“. Indeed,  these are two completely different cities that show some of the aspects that characterise Scotland. Having said that, these are my personal suggestions about the top 6 things to do and see in Glasgow in a couple of days (or even more).   1 – Explore Glasgow centre The lively city centre boasts some interesting buildings not to be missed in, they represent...

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Exploring Glasgow on a Hop on Hop off bus tour: route, timetable and prices. Buy your ticket here.

As I wrote in the previous article about Glasgow, visiting the Scottish city on a Hop-on Hop-off bus tour is a good compromise to see all the major attractions in a short period of time. Personally,  I travelled on this Sightseeing double-decker bus in two consecutive days: to have a first general view of Glasgow; to reach the West End and its museums.   The Glasgow Hop on-Hop off bus route and timetable The full tour lasts approx. 75 minutes and it departs at George Square West. During wintertime (2nd November-24th March) tours begin at 9:30 with a frequency...

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Visit Glasgow: tourist information about Airport Bus transfer, the subway and the connections with Edinburgh

At first, when I visit a new destination what I really nead is a series of practical information, like for example “How to get there“, “Which companies fly to” and so on. That was the case for my trip to Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland.   Glasgow, how to get there by air If you live outside UK, the easiest and convenient way to reach Glasgow is flying to its two airports: Glasgow Prestwick, located 32 miles south from the city, is mainly served by low cost companies like Ryanair; Glasgow International Airport, with direct flights worldwide is...

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Edinburgh Airport: how to easily reach the city centre by Airlink 100 bus transfer. Purchase your ticket here.

Edinburgh Airport (Turnhouse Airport) is about 8 miles from city centre and there are many options available to reach it by public transport. Considering my previous experiences I would suggest taking Airlink 100 Bus Transfer, that connects the Airport to the city centre in roughly 30 minutes. This is the cheapest and fastest way to get to the Scottish capital, exactly to Waverley Station, where you will have the opportunity to have a first sight of the imposing Edinburgh Castle. Otherwise, if your final destination is Glasgow, you can take the Citilink Air with a daily service (5 am –...

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Trip to Scotland: tickets for tourist attractions and tours that can be purchased online

This is not the kind of article I’m used to writing about Scotland. I mean, it’s about this lovely country but it doesn’t concern a specific city, region or whatever. As a matter of fact, it regards my new partnership with Visit Britain, more precisely with its online shop. I’m delighted about this collaboration as it’s a great opportunity to promote Scotland an its attractions. What does that mean? You will see some banners ads and text links about Visit Britain online shop products, mainly in the right sidebar of my website as well as in all articles related...

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Edinburgh, walking tour to discover the best panoramic viewpoints in the Scottish capital city centre

There are plenty of things to do in Edinburgh, for example several walking tours in the city center, mainly in the Old Town. The one I suggest here it’s a special one, it’s something that I tried by myself while I was looking for something alternative to see. I’m speaking about the best panoramic views in Edinburgh, the places where to enjoy its beauty at most.   Walking tour in Edinburgh: the best panoramic views Edinburgh is built on 7 hills, some of which are of volcanic origin. That means there are many natural panoramic viewpoints and most of...

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